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Cancer rates are still INCREASING. There are many environmental causes of cancer. What should we common people DO about this terrible situation? We have to take responsibility ourselves. The MOST POWERFUL weapon we have is our CHOICE of what products we purchase. In this way we reward the responsible industries, those which produce good, wholesome, safe products and fully label them, and we punish the reckless industries, those which produce products they know are dangerous. Once a critical mass of people start doing this, we will create a major shift in the marketplace toward the good, safe products.

Your source of information to make these powerful, important choices is The Safe Shopper's Bible, by David Steinman and Samuel S. Epstein, M.D.

Another good source of information is the Cancer Prevention Coalition at the School of Public Health, University of Illinois Medical Center, 2121 Taylor Street, Chicago, IL 60612, phone (312) 996-2297 or fax (312) 996-1374.

For information on Mesothelioma -- Camcer caused by exposure to asbestos and treatments for it, click here.

For an excellent book on the environmental causes of cancer, particularly breast canceramd for a program of action, read Breast Cancer, Poisons, Profits, and Prevention by Liane Clorfene-Casten.

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